Absintherie Bourbonnaise – A new Absinthe, is it good..?

Absinthe from FranceIn France it is now legal to print “Absinthe” on the label of the Absinthe bottle. In the last years it was only allowed to label Absinthe as “Spiritueux aux plantes d´Absinthe”: A spirit made with the herb absinthe, as the spirit “Absinthe” itself was still prohibited in France. This new law, in fact the last step of legalizing Absinthe in France, has created some action in France. The newest addition is the Absintherie Bourbonnaise, located in the town Vichy. We found a pic of their Absinthe online. We will let you know, when we have sampled it. It claims to be authentic, the bottle looks nice, but how about the content..? The kid seems to be quite curios.