Absinthe Reviews: How to find the best Absinthe

When it comes to Absinthe, quality is really important. That’s why we give you a deeper insight on how to find the Best Absinthe.

How to find the Best Absinthe: How to evaluate quality

In our previous article “How to make Absinthe the right way” we already mentioned, that quality Absinthe should be distilled and naturally colored. These are the objective quality measures. You can also say, it is the prerequisite for a good Absinthe. Other than that, as you can imagine, there is not one right method. But there are quality measures that have been developed by experienced Absintheurs to judge Absinthes. This is how the quality measures are split up in many forums and Absinthe tasting events:

Appearance (about 15%), Louche (about 15%), Aroma (about 20%), Flavor and Mouthfeel (20%), Finish (10%), and Overall Impression (20%).    …Continue reading “Absinthe Reviews: How to find the best Absinthe”

Absinthe Contest – Which Absinthe is the winner?

Yesterday we had  a little Absinthe contest. We sampled Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier, Absinthe Berthe de Joux and Absinthe Butterfly. Our overall winner was Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier. It  has a very creamy mouth feel, with a good anise base, which is surrounded by wonderful additional herbal notes.  This separates this Absinthe in our opinion from the other two competitors.

Absinthe Berthe de Joux is on our opinion too flat. Don´t misunderstand us, the Absinthe has a very unique taste, but we miss a “base” where these fine notes are build upon.

Absinthe Butterfly wins the second place. We love the fresh citrus taste of this Absinthe. But it is too special to qualify as an overall winner. In the category “specialty” it would win the first price.

What´s your opinion about these Absinthes?

New Absinthe of the Month Fleur d´Absinthe

For september our Absinthe of the Month is Fleur d´Absinthe. A French Absinthe from Fougerolles, with a real wormwood sprig in the bottle. The Absinthe itself has a higher fennel content, as the laws in France have changed recently and a higher level of fenchone, the essential oil in the plant fennel,  is now legal. Therefore this French Absinthe has a new taste, fresher than the often anise based French Absinthes. The color of this Absinthe is naturally greenish, the louche is cloudy – but not as intense compared to other Absinthes. Overall a nice Absinthes and always an eyecatcher with the wormwood sprig in the bottle!

Absinthe of the Month: Fleur d´Absinthe at a reduced introduction price and with a free Absinthe Grilles Flower. Here is a small description of Absinthe Fleur d´Absinthe from the distillery:

Absinthe with wormwood