Thomas Henry Tonic Water from Germany

An exclusive selection of Tonic Water is available at ALANDIA. Additionally to Absinthe you can buy some premium Gin in the ALANDIA online store. Gin is a common spirit in a lot of cocktails, but the most famous combination is without a doubt Gin & Tonic. Therefore we decided to offer you a selection of premium Tonic Waters as well. With the recent Gin boom a lot of smaller Tonic producers appeared on the market as well. Therefore you are not forced anymore to drink your favorite Gin with Schweppes Tonic. Nevertheless our aim is not to offer you all Tonics that are available on the market. Our aim is to offer you Tonic Waters, that differ from their taste to broaden your Tonic Water horizon. We hope that it will support you in finding your favorite mixer for your favorite Gins.

Right now we concentrate on two brands. Gents Tonic Water from Switzerland and Thomas Henry Tonic Water from Germany. These Tonics are completely different from their taste. Gents is a sweeter Tonic with less bitterness. The chinin is sourced from gentiane not the fevertree. Thomas Henry in comparison is more of a “Schweppes Tonic”. It is much more bitter and the right Tonic Water for traditionalists who like a “dry” taste. Nevertheles, you should try your favorite Gin with both Tonics. You will be surprised how different your Gin and Tonic will taste! Both Tonic waters have a higher carbonation. In our opinion this is always something positive, as your Gin & Tonic remains fresh and sparkling for a longer time.

Did you know…?

Thomas Henry (*1734) was an English apothecary and chemist. In addition to his medical work he also invented the conservation of drinking water by adding sodium carbonate. Amongst others, this invention was of great benefit for the British Navy, as from now on seamen could be supplied with fresh water on long seafarings (and not only with rum..). Thereby Thomas Henry was one of the first producers of soda water – next to the German Johan Jacob Schweppe, who patented his method in 1783 and distributed his products as well in London in 1792 under the name “Schweppes”. But it remains unclear to us, why the manufacturers of Thomas Henry Tonic Water have used the portrait of Thomas´ son, William Henry, for the label and not Thomas Henrys´…


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