Absinthe advertisement in Marseille

Oxygénée Cusenier was a very famous absinthe brand in the Belle Epoque. On postcards from that time, you often see advertisements for this absinthe brand. Check out the picture below. The house, where the absinthe advertisement was placed, is still there. Overall, it still looks quite similar, don´t you think… Old postcards are a great tool, to investigate the absinthe culture of the past. We will soon upload some more postcards, for example from French Bistros, where you can see, how people prepared their glass of absinthe.

Absinthe Collectibles – Vintage Postcard

Below you can see our latest absinthe collectible acquisition for our absinthe museum. Yes, we have a personal one, it is our “showroom” where all bottles are stored and a gramophone waits for some private Heure Vertes. The postcard shown below is an “anti-absinthe” movement postcard. At the end of the heights of the Green Fairy Absinthe was blamed for being poisonous. The postcard shows two men sitting at a table drinking a glass of absinthe. At the neighboring table one man drinks a glass of milk. The two men blame the third for being such a lame duck, but he replies that absinthe is bad for the health:

Two men: Hey! Look at that guy drinking milk!

Third man: Exactly, so I won’t poison myself with your dirty absinthe, and boiled milk at that, so I don’t risk contracting tuberculosis.

Funny piece of history…