Absinthe as a gift for Christmas

First of all we want to wish you happy holidays, we hope you already enjoyed the time! Here at ALANDIA we, as many other people, start preparing for Christmas, which is why we want to provide you with some great Absinthe gift ideas for Christmas.

Absinthe as a gift for Christmas: The Starter Set

From our experience we know that there are a lot of people out there wanting to try Absinthe, but they have not made the final step just yet. Now, when trying a new product, you often do not want to get a big size and optimally you want to have different kind of varieties to try. That is why we have put together the Absinthe Starter Set  – it is as well the perfect gift for Christmas!    …Continue reading “Absinthe as a gift for Christmas”

Thomas Henry Tonic Water from Germany

An exclusive selection of Tonic Water is available at ALANDIA. Additionally to Absinthe you can buy some premium Gin in the ALANDIA online store. Gin is a common spirit in a lot of cocktails, but the most famous combination is without a doubt Gin & Tonic. Therefore we decided to offer you a selection of premium Tonic Waters as well. With the recent Gin boom a lot of smaller Tonic producers appeared on the market as well. Therefore you are not forced anymore to drink your favorite Gin with Schweppes Tonic. Nevertheless our aim is not to offer you all Tonics that are available on the market. Our aim is to offer you Tonic Waters, that differ from their taste to broaden your Tonic Water horizon. We hope that it will support you in finding your favorite mixer for your favorite Gins.    …Continue reading “Thomas Henry Tonic Water from Germany”

Ferdinands Saar Dry Gin with wine infusion

You might think, Gin and wine? Is that a typo? No, it is not, it is actually a new creative Gin! Ferdinands Saar Dry Gin comes from the famous German wine region “Saar”, and therefore it makes sense, that also a portion/infusion of wine is part of this Gin.    …Continue reading “Ferdinands Saar Dry Gin with wine infusion”

Monkey 47 Sloe Gin 2013 Edition has arrived

Dear Gin Lovers! We received new stock of the 2013 edition of Monkey 47 Sloe Gin. The bottles will be sold fast, that´s pretty sure, so better order early to reserve yourself a bottle. Only one time in the year this special Gin is produced. It is very common, that the price for a bottle of Monkey 47 Sloe Gin increases rapidly, as soon as the first supply is sold…

How do you drink Sloe Gin? You sip it on or without ice or mix it with champagne. Actually we prefer to drink sloe gin without ice, as the flavors of the spirit develop better, when the spirit is drank at room temperature. Enjoy!