Absinthe in Sydney – Visit of the Absinthesalon

We just returned from our trip to Asia and Australia! What did we do there? We visited Joop and Gaye in Sydney and had a Heure Verte with them in their beautiful Absinthe Salon. It is THE place in Australia, when you want to enjoy an traditional and authentic Absinthe. On their menu are mainly French and Swiss Absinthes, as their credo is to serve only the best of the best. As soon as you step into their Absinthe bar you feel and experience that this is not an exagerated marketing claim, they really want to spread the fascinating World of Absinthe! As you can see on the pictures, the Absinthe bar is very stylish – equipped with French styled Absinthe furniture. You take a seat at bistro tables, which are all set up with an absinthe fountain, absinthe glasses, absinthe spoons and absinthe sugar. Joop and Gaye, the owners of the bar, then hand out the Absinthe menu, while explaing you which Absinthe is best for you and how you have to prepare it the proper way. And be aware, the policy of their Absinthe bar is, that only three absinthes are served per customer. Why? Because we all know how powerful the Green Fairy is and therefore three glasses of Absinthe are enough ;-). This doesn´t mean that the absinthe bar is just there for a short rest. The owners are always open for a little conversation about the Green Fairy! Therefore, when you are in Sydney, visit the Absinthe salon, it is an experience you will not forget, Santé!