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Absent is another writing of the word "Absinthe". Absent or Absinthe is the notorious liquor of the 19th century. Why do their exist different writings? Well, it is easy: Absinthe is the French writing of the word, Absinth the German one, Absint the Swedish one and some people write Absynthe or Absynt which has as well some historical roots, as it derives from Latin/Greek language. Some people also write Absente, but this is the brand name of a herbal liquor sold in the USA. Before the legalization of real Absinthe in the USA in the year 2008 "Absente" was available in the USA as an substitute for real Absinthe. It contained southern wormwood instead of artemisia absinthium, which means no wormwood or thujon.

If you directly want to purchase a bottle of real Absent / Absinthe or some exclusive accessories like glasses, spoons or fountains just click the button below and you will come to the main entrance of the ALANDIA Absinthe store:



Is it legal to purchase Absent online?

Yes, it is if you are over the legal drinking age of your country. There might be some restrictions how much Absenthe bottles you can buy online, depending on your country of origin. If you order at ALANDIA, the maximum for a shipment to the USA is 6 bottles per order. Larger orders will be split to multiple boxes. If you live in the EU, the limit is 12 bottles, in Germany there are no limits :-).

Why should you order at ALANDIA? Here is the answer: The Absinthe store ALANDIA was established in the year 2001, therefore we have already a long company history. This means as well, that we have have a lot of experience and knowledge in regard of shipping and handling of the Green Fairy. We also offer a delivery guarantee, meaning that all of our boxes are insured against breakage or loss. If anything happens with your order, we will refund or reship, this is our trusted ALANDIA guarantee! Of course you can track your order online, as soon as it is shipped. Therefore you always know, when to be at home to welcome the Green Fairy. We ship to the USA via Airmail (8 days) or Courier (2-3 days). EU countries are served within 5-7 days. ALANDIA offers a wide selection of original Absynth, glasses, spoons and fountains online for sale. We are happy to welcome as well you in the World of Absinthe!

In the following pictures you can already see a short overview of the products that you can buy online. The three most important products are shown in the pictures. First of all you need a good Absent with real woormwood, then you have to possess as well an Absinthe glass and an Absenthe spoon. With these three accessories you are prepared to experience the Green Fairy. In the picture you see the Absynthe brand Heritage Verte. We recommend it as a starter Absinthe, as it is distilled accordingly to traditional recipes in France. The taste is very classic, as the recipe of this Absint is focused on the three traditional herbal ingredients: Anise, Fennel and Wormwood - artemsia absinthium.

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Which is the strongest Absenthe?

Well, this is hard to say, because the effect of original Absenthe is a combination of alcohol and the herbal ingredients. Some Absenthes have an alcohol degree of over 80%, of course these brands will knock you out of your socks... But alcohol is not the ingredient that makes Absint a special liquor. It is the herb wormwood, that contains the essential oil thujon that causes the unique effect Absinthe is known for. But, and this is important to mention here, Absynthe is not a drug! You will not hallucinate. But it will give you an activation that is different to normal alcoholic drinks. This effect is caused by thujon and all the other essential oils of the distilled herbs that are in an bottle of original absinthe. Take fennel for example, it is a herb that is used for centuries in pharmaceutic products. The essential oils of fennel are also present in your glass of Absinthe. Therefore no wonder that Absent has a different effect than Vodka for example which is only made out of one ingredient: grain or potatoes. Comparable to Absinthe, but not the same thing is Gin. It is also distilled out of various herbs. Therefore if you drink some glasses of Gin Tonic you will also feel a different effect in comparison to some glasses of Vodka with Tonic. But of course Gin does not contain any wormwood / thujon. This is really the unique ingredient of Absent!

In this section you find strong absinthe brands, also read the absinthe reviews of other Absintheurs in our shop!

Where can I buy original Absent online?

You can buy a bottle of the green liquor also known as the Green Fairy online at ALANDIA. ALANDIA is the "World of Absinthe", as you can find Absinthe glasses, Absinthe spoons, and real absinthe fountains in their online shop. If you want to exprience the virtue of the Green Fairy, then visit ALANDIA!



Read what other Absintheurs say about Absinthe and ALANDIA:

„Thanks alandia for being there! We order our absinthe now for over 5 years and appreciate your lare selection and perfect shipping, you have a loyal customer :-)!!!“

Joe from Arizona

„Heritage Verte creates a nice contrast between the overwhelming cool of mint, and the hot nose of phenol and alcohol. Wormwood is present, with a good mouth-feel. Somewhat sweet with a lot of complexity, herbal profile and thickness. Absinthe should taste like a refined, subtle, and sophisticated dessert. This one does!“

Rick from Finland

„Absinthe is a layered, diverse, and robust spirit. it has a rich flavor. In fact, I feel it has many similarities to Gin... Except the licorice taste. A good absinthe has a noticable, faint hint of mint, far from overpowering. I use approximately 2 parts water to 1 part absynthe, with one Alandia sugar cube packet (2 cubes). We did also try a strait shot of each - this is not recomended. Only when consumed strait did I find absynthe overwhelmingly bitter, with a powerful mint taste, and heavy alcohol content - but lets face it, it's 68% alcohol strait, which far out-strips many of the stronger gins!“

Mark from USA


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